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Feb 21,2023 | Fengmei Ji

Hey mom!

Within the last few years, it seems as if the culture has painted you in a light that makes you seem insignificant. It tells you that you should never settle and be content with your life because you are capable of "BIGGER" things; You don't have to settle with just being a mom, but you can also be a fashion icon, a business owner or even a scientist! Success and happiness is right around the corner if only you put you first!

In no way am I trying to bash or belittle moms in the career field, all I'm trying to say is that you simply being a mom makes you MORE than enough! You can have as many titles and names as you want which is awesome, but being able to carry the title "Mom" has to be the coolest of them all! Absolutely no one can do what you do for us and we never want to take you for granted.

You give until there is nothing else to give, but somehow you still manage to give a little more. You put aside your wants and dreams in order to selflessly pour out your all into our lives to help us build our life and encourage us towards our dreams. Even when the world doesn't think you're great unless you put you first, you still put us first. Sometimes you do so with barley even a thank you in return. You show us that to love is always priority and is always worth it. We learn from you that when we choose to love we are fulfilled. You are a living example of Jesus' undying, unconditional love for us. When we look at you we get a glimpse of Jesus. "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." John 15:13. You demonstrate this to us when you choose to lay down yourself for us every day. No person loves us like you!

While being humble, loving, and giving you're also strong. Your job that you've taken on has you growing and equipping the next generation of Kingdom builders to send off into the world near and far. The words you speak and the things you do have power to influence the lives your kids will live. I'm speaking personally from experience. If it weren't for my mom reading me books about missionaries and their love for Jesus and people, I'm not sure I'd have the passion and love to share Jesus with others that I do today. God has used her in my life in some of the biggest ways. You as a Mom have been given power that God uses for his glory. He sees your faithfulness to your work no matter how tired or how hard you are on yourself and He is proud. 

So many times I've heard women get asked "What do you do?" and their response is, "I'm just a mom" or "I'm just a stay at home mom". I'm sorry... but what? Just a MOM! No no NO, you are doing one of the most important jobs in the existence of humanity. You are not simply "just" a mom, you are a crazy, tough woman who is raising warriors of the LORD! If the phrase "just a mom" has ever rolled off your lips remember that there's forgiveness... I'm only partly kidding. ;)

Remember who you are and who you were made to be, and know how thankful we are for you. You are truly our gift from God and we love you more than we say or express. You are our BLESSING. Love you Mom!

    - Sincerely a young lady who's biggest dream is to be one of you some day :)