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Feb 20,2023 | tian junmiao

Birthstones are beautiful gemstones that can be determined either by looking at your specific birth date, month, or zodiac sign. Traditionally, each month is associated with one birthstone but you will find some months have multiple birthstones. This allows for more affordable options and more flexibility when choosing a birthstone.

Today, gifts featuring birthstones such as birthstone ring hold significant meaning and value. Birthstone jewelry gifts show thought and personalization, and add a luxurious sparkle to any accessory and outfit.

Birthstones by Month

Below is a list of each stone's color and typical features, along with the qualities it's most known for.


The deep red garnet's name comes from the Latin granatum, which symbolizes the pomegranate. The red color is also associated with the heart—meaning that garnet symbolizes faith, fidelity, and true friendship.


This stone is often associated with spirituality. The soft violet hue varies from light to dark, which can make a thread of varied stones a stunning option for those born in February.


The watery blue hue of aquamarine is tied to clarity and tranquility and can help bring harmony. Aquamarine is one of the clearest gems and its transparency makes it highly reflective and eye-catching.

April—Clear Quartz

Diamond is the most durable of all the birthstones. Its dependability and enduring beauty also make it the traditional engagement ring choice. The clarity of the diamond also makes it a symbol of purity.


Emerald is known as the stone of joy and vitality. In ancient times, it symbolized fertility and rebirth. The bright green color and new life associated with the emerald make it the perfect stone for spring.

June—Light Amethyst

Light amethyst is a symbol of purity and curiosity, also sometimes connected to innocence. Its cool and transparent color helps to bring calm and soothe anxieties.


Ruby is a symbol of love, power, and passion, and is not to be worn by the faint of heart. As the gemstone of love, the ruby makes the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. Rubies are valued by their striking color—the deeper the red, the more valuable the ruby. Those who wear rubies are said to be invincible and irresistible.


Peridots come in a wide variety of greens, from a muted olive or forest green to bright lime. They create joy and positivity. It’s also the stone of creative expression and eloquence. They make the perfect summer stone because of their vibrancy.


The dark blue hue of sapphires symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, and longevity, making this gem the most popular alternative engagement stone. Ancient medicine prescribed sapphires to cure ailments of the eyes.

October—Rose Quartz

The pink tourmaline has sweet and sensitive energy. It helps restore relationships, repair broken hearts, and instill a love for humanity. Tourmalines come in many colors, but pink, the rarest of them all, is associated with October.

November—Yellow Topaz

Topaz, the “fire stone”, has bold and intense energy. It sparks purpose and passion and gives self-confidence with an extra glow. It’s also said to promote kindness and charity. In its natural state, the topaz can be clear colorless, orange, or golden-brown.

December—Blue Topaz

This cool gemstone soothes and calms the mind and soul and is often used in meditation. Blue topaz comes in different shades—the pale blue gem is called a sky blue topaz, medium blue is a Swiss blue topaz, and deep blue is a London blue topaz.

Don't Be Afraid to Break the Rules

Although birthstones are assigned to particular months of the year and star signs, this isn't set in stone. Wearing jewelry like a ring that has been adorned with a gemstone, is a highly personal piece that's often a means of self-expression. Therefore, it's vital that you're bold and courageous with your choice, selecting a birthstone (or multiple) that resonates with you most. Birthstones choose their owners, so if a topaz speaks to you over your birthstone, then it's for a reason and you should listen to your intuition.
For example, I'm a July baby and a true Cancerian at heart. My typical birthstone is a ruby, however, the bright, bold red color is not quite my taste. Being a Cancerian also means that I'm a water sign, so naturally, ocean hues appeal to me much more because of the love I have for the ocean. For my own birthstones ring, I would therefore choose a birthstone in that color range, such as an aquamarine or blue topaz.


By embellishing a ring with a birthstone, you're adding an additional layer of beauty and personalization to a piece that truly represents you at your core, one that you can proudly wear every day. Whether you're choosing a birthstone jewelry Christmas present for mom, a lovely birthstone ring for a baby shower gift, or just something special for yourself, you'll be happy with the versatility birthstone jewelry offers.